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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Because your business faces liabilities every day, you should protect your assets with business liability insurance. A business liability insurance policy is your first line of defense, covering claims for bodily injury, physical injury or property damage caused to others by you or your employees. This safety net is critical because the number of lawsuits and the value of judgment awards have increased over the years.

Worker’s Compensation

With workers’ compensation, an employee is automatically entitled to receive certain benefits after suffering an occupational disease or accidental personal injury arising on the job. Workers compensation benefits may include cash or wage-loss benefits, medical and career rehabilitation benefits, and in the case of accidental death of an employee, benefits to dependents. The goal of workers’ compensation is to return the injured employee quickly and economically to work without unduly harming the employer’s business. PNL Benefits can help you select the appropriate coverage for your state and business size.

Errors & Omissions Insurance (E&O)

If you’re ever confronted with potentially catastrophic litigation, your company’s survival and your own financial security could depend on whether or not you have Errors & Omissions coverage. An error or omission, a mistake, which causes financial harm to another, can occur on almost any transaction in any professional field, and E&O insurance helps to protect a professional, an individual or a company, from bearing the full cost for defending lawsuits related to an error or omission in providing covered services. E&O insurance is separate from a standard general liability or property insurance policy.

Errors and Omissions insurance, also known as Professional Liability insurance, is a fundamental safeguard for your business. Errors and Omissions insurance protects your business if a client alleges that your company was professionally negligent or failed to perform professional duties.

Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O)

The personal assets of private companies’ directors and officers are at risk from suits by a variety of entities: clients, shareholders, competitors or suppliers, and government agencies. Many suits against directors and officers are employment-related lawsuits brought by employees of the company. Directors and Officers Insurance is often confused with Errors & Omissions Liability. The two are not synonymous; Errors & Omissions is concerned with performance failures and negligence with respect to your products and services, not the performance and duties of management. Generally it is a good idea to carry both Directors & Officers liability insurance and Errors & Omissions insurance.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) typically covers claims of discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment of employees. Employment Practices Liability Insurance can be bundled with Directors and Officers liability insurance, which protects against claims that allege misconduct by the officers of a company against individuals or groups affected by the directors’ actions.

Commercial Automobile Insurance

Do your employees use their own autos to perform deliveries, sales meetings, picking up supplies, and other errands for your business? If so, you could be held liable for any automobile accidents they cause. Commercial vehicle insurance is needed to cover the cars, trucks, and vans used in conducting your business. Large fleets or small businesses should be properly covered by a commercial auto insurance policy. Whether you use your own car or a fleet of trucks, PNL Benefits can find you the protection you need, including liability, personal injury/medical coverage, comprehensive, collision coverage, to help you keep your business moving forward.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance protects your business from liability related to the manufacture or sale of products, food, medicines or other goods. It covers the manufacturer’s or seller’s claims from a buyer, user or bystander caused by a defect or malfunction of the product, a defective design or a failure to warn. If your company provides any products to the consuming public, then your company should have product liability coverage.

Film & Television Production Insurance

PNL Benefits can work with producers to ascertain and implement the right combination of insurance products for any form of film or television production. Protection covers the property associated with these productions, and also insures extra expenses arising from illness or injury to cast members, loss or damage to negative film or videotape, or problems arising from faulty cameras, film or processing.